Patreon Lens

Role: UX Research and Product Design

Product design and ux research which led to the launch of Patreon Lens, a native mobile camera app for Patreon creators to share exclusive photos and videos with their patrons. Worked together on a balanced team of 2 designers, a product manager and 4 engineers to define, build, release and measure this new app as a part of our June 2017 Patreon rebrand launch.





Patreon iOS and Android App

Role: UX Research and Product Design

As a part of the insights gathered from the Patreon Lens App project and feedback from creators and patrons with their current Patreon iOS and Android app experience, we began researching, designing and developing a redesign of the core navigation and integration of Lens into the Patreon iOS and Android Apps. The new app is now available in both Google Play and the Apple App store. → https://www.patreon.com/mobile